Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today was going to be about my hope list which i started

I hope...

1.To get my acts together, and fast too. really should not take D's (my very own Mr. A) patience for granted, with all my drama and darned short fuse

2.People would just stop asking when to start expecting "junior"...sheez, guys, y'all know i get paranoid easily, so one less thing to keep me awake at night please. moreover, i'd rather roll over, give a big sigh and smile rather than lie back and wonder if it happened this time (lol)

I got stuck on number two and realized I'd rather be thankful for

1.Having a hubby that i think is the worlds greatest, he's so mature about me and my drama, and his patience makes me want to be a better person in return. He's totally helpful, a great visionary and He's adorably caring, yet he's firm and solid...even his strong...God i love those arms

2.Having a job that i love, that has great returns and flexible timing

3.My sister (4 of em), rock solid women of character, strength and virtue. True amazons who have walked this journey with me and whose lives have colored mine in more ways than i can count

4.My cranky yet loving parents, i just love that duo, they never cease to amaze me

5.My friends who are like sisters. They have gone through rough patches with me and stood strong, they are never afraid to speak the truth, even when it hurts. Luv u girls

6.My weird boss, cos i think God put her in my life to teach me some good dose of patience and me in hers to teach her to mellow, she's got this temper issue, yet she's never lost her temper wit me, says she just cant bring herself to do that...hmm, wonder what i did, not that i'm complaining anyway.

7.My talents, i thank god always for them, and i hope to use them for the good of others

8.My love for what my mom calls "the fairy tale life" it makes me aspire and reach for greater things.

9.The many weddings happening around me this year, and to extremely special women in my life...gosh I LOVE WEDDINGS

10.My humble wheels..phew, i dont want to imagine bussing my route everyday..Thank you Lord

Its funny,i was having a real bad day earlier, some Mr&Mrs drama,...but i'm going through ALOTED's thankful list and i realize its better to count your blessing when you're feeling down, trust me, it really works. I feel better just realising that more is going right than wrong and i guess today would end better than i thought afterall

BTW, thanks YNC for the add and for the love shown to us newbie's ...much appreciated

As for AREWA, girl you crack me up

Hmm, its a great day afterall
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Friday, March 13, 2009


The rains would soon be upon us, everyone knows that, just about this time every year, after the stifling heat of the post harmattan season, the rains fall...
I really should get out and plant seeds but...Baba Aduke's (my neighbour) bag of grains cost more than Iya Abike's and i know i said i would pass by her place last week but its so out of my route..hmm, ok, i'd do it tomorrow, i also want to get that new harvester in what if its not yet the season for harvesting and yes it might be on the high side cost wise, but its just so shiny and nice, moreover, you never know, it might be more expensive by harvest time.

Here's what i'll do...borrow some more money tomorrow so i can get both, then after harvest, i'd sell my crops and pay back my debt...
So tomorrow came, and i got the loan, bought the harvester, and was just so tired i decided to go for the grains the next day. Then one day turned to two days, to one week to one month.

Today i decide to buy the grain,and just as i step out...the winds seem highly excited today, and are those clouds gathering or is it my imagination?..thunder, drizzles....

...Darn, i missed the rain

....So Femi asked me last week if i had done my business profile and complimentary cards i'd been telling him about, i did say i'd have it done by yesterday, but you know how crazy it is, i've just not had the time.

I'm stepping out of the supermarket today and i bump into Isioma (we were together in school 10years ago).

Her company is renovating and she's in charge, has to get a consultant for her boss' approval tonight as he'd be travelling overseas first thing tomorrow, she has someone in mind but since i'm in the field, it'll be a great opportunity for me, can i send her my profile by 4pm today...its already 2.30pm, but i'd do all that i can, i'd give her a call.

....i dash back to the office, its 3.30pm ,why is there always traffic these days?, ok, i dont have so much to work with here but i'd make do...and so i start....cant time just stand still this once...4.15pm, my phone rings

"Hi dear, have you sent the mail yet?"

"Almost, just give me 15mins more"

" know what, i'm sure something else would come up, i'm about to go into the meeting now so i'd just go with the other guy, but next time, you'd be number one on my mind'

Ok, so maybe you probably wasnt meant for me, maybe it wasnt my time yet, but qutie frankly, i'm tired of excusing lack of preparation as some kind of divine manifestation. Its about time i prepare...cos in due time the rains would fall, and i need to be ready for what if i'm not fully set up..or if i dont yet have all neccessary contacts? Enough excuses...i missed it once...but what would i be if once again i cry...Darn ... i missed the rain

Ecc 11:3-4
3If the clouds are full of rain,
they empty themselves on the earth,
and if a tree falls to the south or to the north,
in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie.
4He who observes the wind will not sow,
and he who regards the clouds will not reap.

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If we get talking about Nigeria, I'm one of those who'd beat their chest in pride and shout the words "Naija 4 life", yet on many days like today, stuck in the usual traffic on my way home, the final lap on my 45minitues turned 2hours drive from my office back home,adrenalin pumping, head aching, cursing (or trying desperately not to) under my breath, i find my self questioning that motto as i swing the steering right in the bid to avoid the "keke Marwa" (Tri-cycle) by the right and almost immediately swinging back left as the phantom okada (motor-bike) appears outta nowhere..blaring his horn as he spreads out his five fingers in an abusive gesture and narrowly misses my car (jeez, isn't overtaking on the right an offense anymore?).

"Naija la wa" (This is Nigeria), you should be used to it by now....that's what i keep hearing whenever i dare to voice out my frustrations, still i am yet to find that place in my heart where i can entertain thoughts of throwing in the towel, packing up and leaving.

Dare i loose hope?

God Forbid.


Do i wield my "New Naija" banner high because i believe without a trace of doubt in her ability to rise to greater heights of excellence?

Or do i scream out the mantra out of fear...afraid to accept that this is the best my country can be....Crude, undisciplined and un-exposed?

Do i hold on to my belief because the principle of life states ...according to your faith, be it unto you...or do i join the cause because, undeniably, i know its just a function of time, Nigeria WOULD get better?

Tonight the clock reads 10.43pm, i'm about to turn in before another "crazy" day begins, and i question myself...what exactly is my motive? for what reason am i on the band wagon?...quite franky, i think its a bit of all the reasons given above, but whatever the case, i still beat my chest, pray for the poosible difference my smalll daily acts can make and shout from the roof tops to all who'd hear...NAIJA FOR LIFE.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"According to your faith, be it unto you."...Blessing or Curse

I've been asking myself this question since i heard it from the the passage being read this morning as i prepared for work...a seemingly simple question that has been to some a blessing and to others a curse.

A blessing for those of us that dare to dream, dare to believe and dare to hold fast even when others and situations tell us otherwise....Those who stare in the face of the storm and scream "though you rage and rage, i will hold fast to my dreams, and when you are spent of your fierce blasts, i will emerge and live my dreams, then dream bigger ones"

A curse for those of us that need the affirmation of the world we live in, and the physical evidence of our hopes, to succeed. Those of us who need to be told "i think it would work" before we believe that we can....what then is our lot, i ask, if those that surround us are those who lives have beaten to submission, those who are a function of the same fears that hold us down...for then, the things they see, are the same things that we see.

I got to the office and read the passage from "the message" translation and it says "Become what you believe." and i smile, cos i am not a function of the physical eyes, rather i am a function of what i dare to believe

So now, i ask myself over and over again...."according to your faith,be it unto you"..blessing or curse?

And boldly i like to answer....Blessing
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