Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pursuits vs. Priorities

I'm presently reading "Success is who you are"by Sam Adeyemi (who by the way i respect greatly and its not just cos he's my pastor) and i must confess, today's read has got me thinking...

Page 54, Specifics of planning...Step two
"Give it a deadline. nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific....life seems to co-operate with the person whose mind is made up, so decide on what it is and give it a deadline..."

This would be the second year my girlfriend and i would be working on our demo and believe me...we did set deadlines...but here we are...still working on the project.

Last year, we had our excuses, her 1 year contract as a product representative and her need to be at location constantly to shoot new episodes for the series she appears on, my being in school and having to travel to akure almost every weekend, my wedding, and the fact that we also hold office jobs....now, this year, things started out a bit more stable, and although now we have to halt things again cos we lost her mum just recently, reading about planning made me review the few weeks before our loss.

We had 5weekends where we could have been at the studio, but we had reasons to cancel, on one occassion our producer was unavailable on the other 4 occasions, we had weddings, family occasions, valentine and sheer need to rest.
So i'm questioning myself and asking which of these i could have forfieted

1. The wedding?...it was a dear friends wedding, it would have been a shame to miss it

2. Family occasion?..Somehow, it has become increasingly difficult to see them, life is so busy these days with work during the week, and church classes, household chores and catching up on lost time with hubby during the weekends, how do i then tell them i cannot show up?

3. Valentine...I dont get to see hubby until weekends, moreover, its our first as a married couple, he'd understand but i just cant get myself to do that...morover, i really was exhausted..studio just wouldn't have worked (not to mention the fact that since i said no to eating out, i had to cook, so why not use the opportunity to cook for the week?)

4. The sheer need to rest...after all i'm still human.

So, i've drawn up my list and i still feel guilty that we lost all this time even though they were for valid reasons...i'm trying hard here to be responsible and put things in perspective, pursue and realize my dreams but at the same time give proper attention to other really important priorities.I think i know how...a little adjustment and discomfort and i believe we'd get there,but i'm not 100% sure, i can promise myself to try it though and see how things play out. Meanwhile...we need to get thru the loss of mum, who was in more ways than i can remember, a sweet , gentle and loving mum.

Till then, lets keep our fingers crossed and i pray we learn better ways of dealing with our pursuits vs priorities


  1. wow, i actually havent looked at life like this, pursuits vs priorities, I always work at putting all together, not easy thou as sometimes there will be misplaced priorities but by his grace and direction we are able to put through......so i always believe you will get there....prayer, direction and instruction.

    Welcome to blogville

  2. Thanks a lot paul...my first response...yay...must confess it gives me a happy/giddy feeling

    and thanks for those words...prayer, direction and instruction, since this yr began, i constantly pray for direction and instruction cos i so want to be on point this year...we will get there