Thursday, February 26, 2009

By whose influence?

Few things get me upset or irritated...i'm one of those that can really give others a long rope but one thing i guess i really cant stand are people who have a problem with coming out straight...for whatever reason it might be...fear, manipulation, pride...whatever.

This morning, my colleague gets an sms from a client who wants to have some renovation done in her office, he's kindda busy i guess so he needs to pass it on to someone intercom rings and he say's he needs to see me, please can i come to his office

Him: We got a message from Mrs. A, she needs us to do some work so we'd need to take some measurements, she'd be in her office by noon.

Me: OK, no problem, lemme know when you're ready

Him: Should i send the sms to your phone?

Me: No need for that, why would i need it?

Him: So you'd know the address and all

Me: You already have it so i dont need it

Him: You do

Me: Why would i when we'd be going together.

Him: I'm kindda working on another proposal, so i'm a bit busy

Me: So you want to dump your work on my table...right?

Him: Well, Mrs. A (our boss), asked me to tell you about it

Me: Forget it, if she wants to pass it on to me, she has my office number...and i walk out.

Ok, what's getting me upset? u might ask, for one, he should have come out straight from the beggining by saying, please i have a client i have to meet but i'm tied up with another proposal...could you help me handle that, and i would have said yes, afterall that's what colleagues do for each other, but trying to drop the..."the boss said you should do it" line, that just doesnt work for me, so you think you dont have the neccessary clout to make me do it, but if you mention the boss, i'd go all weak in the knees and do it...yeah right, that really makes you seem weak, and i've always had a problem with people who have to call names to have their way...

Bottom line is...believe in your self and work on your ability to get people to join you in achieving the greater cause, afterall you're all a team, and that's the stuff leaders are made of, they have developed the ability to get others to do things without having to try to force or bully, for some of us, that just doesnt work.

i guess what i'm trying to say here is...we're all leaders or at least we should be, and its not about position, title or designation and the more we develop ourselves and build our own influences, the better we become, but as long as we have to try to use the influence of another to get our some point, we'd get stuck in a rut...

As for my colleague and i....well my boss has been in and out of my office twice since then and not a word has been said about the client...but knowing myself, and being such a sucker for "doing it right", i know as soon as i post this..i'd go to his office and jab him for being a wimp (then he'd smile dat annoying goofy smile he always has) and i'd get the driver and be on my way...hmm, if only he'd change and surprise me one day...


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