Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just for Laffs

u guys read this-CRAZY NOT EQUAL TO STUPID!

One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to Institute of mental health.
He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down.When he was about to fix the spare tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain... As he can't fish the bolts out, he started to panic.
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One Kolo patient happened to walk past and asked the driver what happened. The driver thought to himself, since there's nothing much he can do; he told the patient the whole incident. The patient laughed at him & said "can't even fix such a simple problem.... No wonder you are destined to be a truck driver..." You are stupid!

Here's what you can do, take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres and fix it onto this tyre. Then drive to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones, easy as that" The driver was very impressed and asked "You're so smart but why are you here at the Institute of mental health.?"

The Patient replied: "Hello, I stay here because I'm crazy....... . Not STUPID!"


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving on...

I felt the weight of melancholy subdue me all through
as i ate food that could not satisfy 
and drank water that could not quench my thirst

I searched more and more for the suns rays
Waking up when the day broke
Shifting aside the blinds so it could pour in
Still yet, the shadows surrounded
The sun just did not shine here.

So I chose to leave this place.
This place of wanting, this place of yearning
I chose instead to move ahead
To another place...another phase.

In this new place..I shall drink and be filled
I shall eat and be satisfied
The sun would shine...its rays i'd find

Because, I would no more live by what i am given
But I would live by what i give
I would no longer wait for what i desire
I would be what i desire.
I would no longer sow on hardened ground
I would sow on fertile soil.

And the buds of friendship would again make me smile
as it once used to

PS: Letting go of some friends can be a real tough one sometimes, but at some point, I believe we need to leave one phase and move onto another...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Touched by the Fathers love.....Our love story

Its thanksgiving again and Daveda though of a great project we could all be a part of :

Post your testimony on your blog page. Entitle it "Touched By The Fathers Love!; Whatever the title of your post is." Then, add your post (copy and paste the address of that particular post so that the widget links directly to it) to the Mr. Linky widget below. Make sure you start your post explaining what we are all sharing and add a link back here so that others can join in.

I'd known Him for a long while now...heck since i could speak and understand i'd know His name, spoken to Him, read about Him, and been told about Him....I knew His story so well, i could tell it over and over again...but i never really KNEW Him.

We had a brief relationship while i was in high school....that was when i could say for sure that i KNEW Him. I spoke with Him and He spoke back, it was awesome...but then, somewhere along the line...we fell apart...i got so consumed with being someone and belonging with the "high class" i just didnt find time for Him anymore.

Then December 31st, 1998, i remember being in church for the watchnight service...hanging out with my friends and family and it just hit me...i couldnt go on with our relationship being hot and cold...on and off, and right there, right then was the day i found my way back to my first love...It wasnt the first time i was meeting Him but it was the most memorable in our relationship, cos that was the day it hit me that He was my water in the desert, He is the one peson i kow i can NEVER live without...He is my all in all. He is my love and i love Him this day and forever more.

Happy thanksgiving everyone

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It wasnt one of those days....Today, D and I were like sandpaper and wood, Almost every action he took grated against my nerves and made me brittle as i tried to hold back words I wouldnt even dream of uttering out loud.

For some reason, he wanted to be everywhere i didnt want to be and there was not the option of my leaving him to do his thing, while i did mine...We just had to do everything together.

I guess the fact that i was uninterested made me forget all of the places we went and even the people we saw there, save for the last place and the last man.

We had stopped over at a resort to....
Ok, i dont remember what for...anyways, so there we were atthe resort and I remember d spending a lotta cash there, he even asked me to give him some more as he had run out, and when i asked if he would refund it later...Mr nobody who was sitting at the corner sipping on a drink asked me..

"Does he have to return it?"

i dont know why i felt i owed him an explanation cos first things first, i dont know him from Adam, but...

"I dont usually do this but he's just spending so much and i wont be a part of that, so he has to give a refund this time"

Mr Nobody chuckled in a rather irritating way and turned back to his drink ... i got really upset and next thing i knew, i was in the car...driving off without D.

So there i was, driving along the really messed up roads, alone with my thoughts and wondering why the government was in the habit of tearing up the roads without fixing it up properly when they were done with watever they were doing. 

Everybody kept to the left lane which was moving real slow, at first , i trailed along , but after a bit,i took a look at the right lane and, though it was in a worse condition compared to the left, it still was motor-able, so i turned off and took to the right lane...I started out at a moderate speed but then, the bumps didnt feel so bad so i sped up a bit more.

I dont know for how long i was on that lane, but the next thing I remember was seeing the begining og a chasm ahead of me and i knew, no matter how hard i stepped on the brakes, there was no stopping me now.

I got to the edge and felt that brief moment of weightlesness as the car was suspended in space for half a second. Three things ran through my mind then:

1. i love You Jesus
2. Do i have enough time to call D and tell him
3. Ah...finally,i get to taste for myself what life after death really is like

I opened my eyes to the back of his head...smilled and snuggled closer to him for some reason, there was not the fast beating of my heart that usually followed such dreams

"Morning baby" D said

"I dreamt i fell off a really deep canyon..." and i went on to tell him the story

"I guess He's trying to tll you to be patient love"

"I guess so too" i replied as i dove deeper into the covers while mouthing the words...."Father, teach me how, cos i dont know how"

PS: This was my dream last night/this morning

PSS: Nope...I'm not hung up on, its just by chance that this is the secon time i'd blog about it
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Friday, November 6, 2009

I dunno......

 I've been AWOL for so long pple, and i've missed every single one of much to write about but for some reason i cant get the words out...i've been blog hopping but find it hard to leave comments...its a season, and it'll pass soon. 

Enjoy the story below...hope its makes and interesting way to start the weekend

I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do but my friend Doris was certain it was.

“You’ve been barren for 8 years now and you have tried everything to no avail. Isn’t an unsure decision a better option than no decision at all?”
I was not sure of how my husband would take it. I knew men didn’t take kindly to such, particularly a free thinker like my husband. But men being what who they were did not care so much, even about critical issues as this.

“Don’t worry; it is until your husband knows how much you have put into this that he will appreciate how dearly you want this child. Moreover the man is not a juju man. He is just a herbalist”
I tried thinking of the differences between juju man and herbalist but it all seemed like one person to me- the red garbed scary man we saw in home movies who usually perpetuated evil acts and ended up dying by Holy Ghost fire or nemesis.

My mind was very disturbed. Doris’ compelling insistence had won eventually and she’d come to pick me from work after I had feigned a fainting spell during lunch.
“The weekday is the best time to go so you don’t have to lie to your husband- he would not find out anyway”

“Doris!” As if she knew what husbands were?

She was my best friend; we were both thirty-six and the longest relationship I had a recollection of her having barely lasted six months. Now here she was teaching me about what husbands wanted.
I sat in her car, thinking as she drove: all the years of Sunday school, absolute faith in God, sermons of heaven and hell and fiery reprisals started to haunt me. As it pulled me in all directions, I remained still- he is just a herbalist I found myself saying self reassuringly. He is not a juju man.

We eventually arrived the place and against a certain compelling inner will, I walked behind Doris (albeit apprehensively) into the small bungalow tucked in-between a failed bank building that had been shut down and a barber’s shack. No 37 hung unsuspectingly askew from the number panel.
We took two steps down into along corridor, turned a right and stopped at a door.

For your spiritual healing powder,
Love rings, money power,
Contact Papa Shingo. Herbalist power, no evil. 07028336104

I squinted my eyes to read the sticker on the door. Before us stood a clean shaven middle aged man, naked to the torso wearing only shorts- with an entanglement of chest hair that looked like termites clinging to a mound.
I averted my gaze quickly from his chest to catch his eyes but I noticed his eyes dipped slightly below my crucifix pendant. As he welcomed Doris who apparently was no stranger to him, I shifted uncomfortably.

“Can we sit? Your spiritual highness.”
“Oh yes, sit, I dey come”

Doris motioned me into one of the cushion chairs in the small sitting room where we were ushered into. I sat nimbly on the edge of one of the chairs waiting for a moment to express my discomfort to Doris but she had chosen to sit opposite me across the centre table, denying me the opportunity of a side whisper.

The man came back in with a bowl of leaves and some other objects I could not identify and gave it to me to whisper into the bowl what my problems were. All the while he did not take his eyes away from my cleavage. As I spoke into the bowl, I looked up more than once to catch his lewd gaze.
I finally gave the bowl back to him after mumbling inanities into the weird salad bowl.
“I’m done sir”
“Sir? It is your spiritual highness my daughter”
“Your spiritual highness”

I looked at the man who would only be a few years older than us.
My daughter? I sat closer to the edge of my chair, disgust beating hard against my chest.

After receiving the bowl he sat on a chair that looked like a throne and closed his eyes as he sang an esoterically worded song that screeched at high octaves with a constantly recurring word- Shumba.
After the freak show, he opened his eyes and looked into my eyes for the first time that afternoon.

“My daughter you are looking for child?”
“You will baff”
“Hmm! you will baff”
I strained my ears to hear him.
“Your problem is spiritual one and we will use spiritual soap to wash it away. You will come on Friday at 12 night-vigil to baff. After the baff all the problem will disappear. You will get a child”

I saw Doris nodding her head at his every stressed consonant giving me that I-told-you-he-was-powerful

look. As he finished, we all paused: I bewildered and Doris reverently listening, apparently lost. Doris finally broke the silence.
“Ok your spiritual highness, she will come on Friday. Here is something we brought”

As Doris put her hand in her purse, the man motioned her not to worry.
“Just bring her, Friday. She will baff? Hmm we will baff her and she will get a child”

I did not speak a word to Doris on my way back home. Even though she spoke of how the man had cured his current wife (the third) of 10 years barrenness and eventually ended up marrying her.

As I held on to my husband (maybe a bit too tightly later that night) I had a dream where a large lizard with saliva drooping from it mouth kept looking at my naked body and shouting,
“You will baff”

I got this from a friend and really wanted to share...kindly show him some love here on blogville.

Have a great weekend y'all 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Regrets

I'm starring in the mirror, thinking bout the week past

*Sade's husband suffocated in the pile of sand, that truck driver could 've just been patient
then he wont have tripped and emptied the sand in their car, trapping him for 3hours

*Boye's sister, diagnosed with a rare disease, been seeing a specialist for 13months now.
Then she has an attack and the specialist cant be reach for some reason
10 minutes, 20 minutes, he said she tried to fight but poof, just like that, she breathed her last breath

I choose not to continue, cos this is not about the deaths, no...., as i stare in the mirror, one question keeps ringing in my head.

"After all is said and done, did they live the life they always dreamed they would"

I told someone sometime ago,

"I am not afraid to die, my fear is to die and not live the life that i was born to live,
that my friend is my greatest fear"

I want to tell myself...."dont think bout death right now"

But then, someday, one day, we all pass on, we would leave this world and move on
to the world that lies beyond"

I'm starring in the miror and thinking of the past week,

each day, hour, minute, second spent

I'm trying to remember..., did i do what i should have done

or did i do what chance allowed me to do.

Was it another case of *SSDD or was there the fire of passion

burning in the descisions i took and the moves i made.

I'm starring in the mirror and thinking of the past week,

and this time i tell myself,

Whatever you did yesterday, now, yesterday is gone,

But tomorrow..., that is a new page

a new chance, a new reality

to embrace my passions, embrace MY LIFE

to take a step to make it what it should be

and not take it as it comes.

for no money can buy it....the joy of living as i should

no wealth can satisfy, if my dreams die long before i do

Once again, the fire burns, once again, my passions are ignited

To you that have gone on ahead, i can only say, i hope you lived YOUR LIFE
The one you were born to live

PS: * Real people but their names have been changed
PSS: SSDD - Same Shit Different Day (forgive my french)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finish Strong

I watched as his feeble arms held on, as tight as he could, to his sons his weak lifeless legs, dangled beneath...i gently swiped the tears away from my eyes as my thoughts wandered to you.

I remember how you told me that day in that cynical yet sweet way that is you that you would rather pass away while still in control of yourself, rather than be dependent on another human being, i remember laughing silently within as i wondered if you believed for once that you held the key to life or death.

I could imagine your fears, you...THE MAIN MAN, strong and independent. You, whose deepest expression for us was the handshake that we've grown used to (we still laugh about it behind your back you know). You fear that the day should come where you'd have to depend on us...this is just to tell need to fear.

We've all had our ups and downs, but our wounds have healed and our pain is forgotten, all that's left is the joy of having you in our lives.

I thank God for you cos because of you, i am strong today, because of you, i am a fighter, because of you, i not only survive but i soar...i owe me to you and each day i tell myself...God gave me you.

So Daddy, no need to fear for tomorrow, cos if God lets you see many more years, and on earth you grow weak and fragile, know that these arms of love would carry you, this heart of mine would love you, this child of yours and all her five siblings would be by you....till the last day.

You have your flaws, yet i would never be who i am today had i not had you as MY FATHER

(To my eccentric, cynical, yet wonderful father - we love you)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

More than Conquerors

The Beauty of being me,

The one who stands tall,

Me, more than a conqueror.

I do not wield the sword,

Nor do i string the bow,

Sharpen the arrows,

Or even polish the sheaths.

Him it is, who goes before me,

Him it is, who fights the battle,

Wins the war

And shouts the war cry.

And then, after He is done,

He comes to me,

Me...Hmmm...Me...Simple me,

Looks me in the eye

And hands to me, the spoils of war

Ahhh...the beauty of being me

Loved and chosen by Him,

Envied by all the other maidens,

When, through the market place

I walk, adorned with my treasures.

He, My husband is forever THE ONE WHO CONQUERS

And i, His bride, because He did it all for me,


(Roman 8:27 - No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Joke* is 28, she’s been dating Dayo* for two years now, about a year into their relationship they realized they were both of the AS genotype, they decided at some point to separate based on this, but after two painful months apart, they got back together again. They are about to get married and have decided that when they decide to make a family, they would “simply ascertain the genotype of every fetus conceived and if SS they would have a D&C…

I’m AS he’s AS, should I stay, should I go?

Judith* is a woman of 25, engaged to be married to her first love in 4months. Two months ago, while at her friends flat, a gang of armed robbers attacked them and she, along with 5 other girls in the compound were raped. For some reasons she didn’t work up the confidence to meet with a gynecologist and have her system flushed early enough and now, she’s facing the choice of having a D&C which she has always felt so strongly about or carrying the baby in her womb to term, a choice her partner would not even entertain…

Can I live with this continuous reminder for the rest of my life?....and if yes, If he loves me, he’d understand my decisions….right?

Daniella* is a woman in her early 30’s, she’s been married for 2 years now and all this while she and her husband Bode have been trying for kids. She found out she was pregnant and registered for the first time ever with a hospital. After carrying out several tests, she found out that she had cardiomyopathy, a heart disease, and they were advised to terminate her pregnancy as she was at risk of loosing her life if carried to term.

I’ve waited all these years, so what if the woman who died was a Christian, maybe she didn’t have enough faith, afterall if God has blessed me with this child, He’d keep me….right?...

Pricilla* is a mother of four, three boys and a girl, aged between 7 and 2years old whose husband lost his job about a year ago and has since resorted to driving a cab after failed attempts to get another job. She, having never completed her education, has been trading to make a living. The past year has been rough and they have had to move to a less expensive apartment and change their children’s school to one, more affordable. Few days ago, she took a home test and found out she was pregnant, she says they had been careful and she’s clueless as to how this could have happened, they barely struggle to live day to day and she and her husband know they cant afford another child now. She spoke with her doctor and he suggested a D&C. She feels stuck at a crossroad, she can’t afford the baby, yet she doesn’t think she can abort it either...

Anything can happen; things might just take a turn for the better, right?...

I know two of this women personally and I must confess, although I have preached strongly against abortion, I found myself in a tight corner when I spoke with them and heard their story....

The question now is….Is abortion sometimes the right choice?...

* not their real names

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sail Away

Friday was "D's" birthday and it was real fun

I set him up and took him sailing.

It was beautiful, romantic....just perfect if i may say

I wanted it to be so different from the other birthdays he's had

and it sure was.

The sea, a wonderful dinner, champagne, but most of all, the glow on his face

What else could i ask for?

Happy birthday again boo.

Its just my way of showing how great a gift you've been to me.

Like i always say....IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANYONE ELSE....xoxo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boko Haram

I've followed this story through the past week and my emotions have moved from sadness, to fury, to incredulity, that right now i don't even know what to feel.

For a group to rise up and decide that the way forward is to enforce its belief system on a whole nation is a though too ludicrous to even consider, yet this is the aim the Boko Haram sect has set out to achieve as one of their leaders was quoted to have said "We do not believe in western education. It corrupts our ideas and beliefs. This is why we are standing up to defend our religion"....(Abdulmuni Ibrahim Mohammed, in an interview with Reuters after his arrest in Kano State)

According to the president..."I want to emphasize that this is not an inter-religious crisis and it is the Taliban group that attacked the security agents first. "What has happened is that it is the government that has moved to nip the action in bud of a potentially dangerous people. "These people have been organizing, penetrating our society, procuring arms, learning how to make explosives and bombs to disturb, confuse and force their belief on the rest of Nigerians,

"We will begin with a little background story on how the crisis snowballed into this current ugly situation. A certain group of Islamic fundamentalists, led by one Mohammed Yusuf had in the recent past been engaging in some suspicious activities with security implications. The group named Boko Haram is rabidly opposed to all forms of western education and civilization.

"They consider as their primary target for attacks, law enforcement agents, critical public infrastructure and centers of worship which in their view are opposed to their doctrines. It has been ascertained that the group did not emerge just of recent.

"They have been in existence as far back as 1995 under different names such as Ahlulsunna wal'jama'ah hijra. Security agencies have over this period been monitoring and containing their activities even when they transmuted to other names but with the same doctrine of intolerance.

"In recent days, the Boko Haram’s primary targets have been Nigerian government representatives and symbols.Their goal is not to overthrow the government but to prohibit alcohol, prevent girls from going to school, ban Western-style education, impose Islamic dress codes and to enforce sharia,”

In the midst of this mayhem, The president, Umaru Yar'adua, leaves Nigeria for a state visit to Brazil. "While speaking at the airport, he said the crisis in the North would be brought under control. This he affirmed by deploying security forces to control the situation. He disclosed this after holding a meeting with all Defense Chiefs to this effect. "I have just finished meeting with our Defense Chiefs who have been in constant contact with the governors of Borno, Bauchi, Kano and other states," he said. "There has been very serious action. In fact, we have the situation under control now and I believe by the end of today everything will have taken shape.

This he said several days back.

I'm not one to point fingers at the government, I stopped wasting my time on this practice a long time ago but with this response, I beg to comment that it would have been better for the president not to have said a word than to have made this comment.

He claims that they are in control of the situation, yet the leader of this sect, who according to BBC (with pictures to back this up) was captured alive, was said to have been shot dead by the police while trying to evade capture, to me I think this reeks of the attempt of the police or whoever to cover the tracks of the actual sponsors behind this movement.

What happened to "rule of law" which he so strongly advocated when he first took seat, why wasn't this guy brought before a court of law and tried legally, even if we say our judicial system is corrupt, does that now mean we should ignore it totally

Also, if indeed this sect wishes to ban western education then why in Gods name are they riding in SUV's and speaking on cell phones and making use of high level technology weaponry? Why don't they just stick to riding on camel backs, using foot men to send information to and fro and making use of just machetes, bows and arrows, at least that way their cause would have more credibility.

I am totally appalled at the mental state of northern Nigeria because to me, this cause is totally senseless, at least I can still make sense of the Niger-delta crisis. What happened to the days of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello, the days when the leaders of the north led with true character rather than divide them into social sects? These days what we have is a few wealthy and educated northerners and a great number of backward and unexposed ones. I'm not even sure what direction this post is heading towards exactly, all i know is that this is just totally insane and to some extent, so stupid that it makes me wonder if its worth it struggling to hold this Nation together. Other countries have been divided and I think they are the better for it.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back In Your Arms

Like a suckling child, taken from its mother
Passed from the hands of one to another
Each searching for ways to satisfy
Each trying so hard to pacify.

I struggle and kick, wail and scream.
Each move i make, i feel pain extreme.

Irritable, Uncomfortable, Famished and in need.

Then You came, arms stretched towards me

Within Your bosom i found my peace

I drank my fill till it began to overflow

Sweet Holy Spirit, Your presence i know

This post is inspired by a wonderful experience that started since Sunday....The Holy Spirit has opened my heart anew and i feel like I've never really known Him until now. There's just no feeling that can compare to the wonderful feeling of my heart being opened to this new understanding of my God...i want it to only get better, cos just like a baby who has felt separated from its mother even when she's just in the room next door, feels content and total calm within her arms when she steps out, i feel like i never want to leave this place...Thank You, sweet Holy Spirit, Thank You
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rituals of Sacrifice

Hosea 8:11 “Israel has built many altars to take away sin,
but these very altars became places for sinning!
12 Even though I gave them all my laws,
they act as if those laws don’t apply to them.

13 The people of Israel love their rituals of sacrifice,
but to me their sacrifices are all meaningless

The rights and wrongs of worship, exposed to us only by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and our constant yielding to His leading…

I rephrased this passage and put my name there, trying to search my heart to see if there had been times I had been more concerned about “my own rituals of sacrifice” rather than offer “true sacrifice at the true altar”.

Like when we enter into the place of worship with our back pack of offences committed against us, we raise our “hands and heart” and still walk away from the altar with the bag still strapped tightly around our shoulders

Or when we walk in with our heads bent low, believing that our guilt can never be taken away from us…we beat our chest and wail over how sinful we are and how unworthy and then walk away heads still bent so low we fail to see His arm of forgiveness and redemption stretched out to us, So consumed are we by we that we reject His gift, already freely given.

Could it be when we enter in, having just read of our heritage in His word and of how His divine power has given us everything…yet we leave the altar telling Him how what He was thinking of was just way too much and we’d be okay to settle for just less.

Maybe it’s when I stand before your altar yet my mind is consumed with if I’m raising my hands right or if I look clumsy moving the way I do, or if my voice sounds croaky or if…and then I’m so conscious of me that I forget its all about you

I come before the altar with me still at the center of it all….and He’s waiting, just waiting for when I’d realize that in this place it’s all about Him, there's only one way, His way, and that’s the only way that matters.

I sing out the hardest, cry out the loudest, raise hands the highest and strum out melodies the sweetest yet fail to embrace that which I have come to seek out in the first place.

“Like a child” He says, with complete dependence, waiting for instructions with eyes set solely on its Father, not trusting in its own “ideas” of how it should be, not concerned with self in the presence of its father but walking towards Him with arms stretched out to embrace.

Hosea 10:1 “When Israel was a child, I loved him,
and I called my son out of Egypt.
2. But the more I called to him,
the farther he moved from me,
offering sacrifices to the images of Baal
and burning incense to idols.
3 I myself taught Israel how to walk,
leading him along by the hand.
But he doesn’t know or even care
that it was I who took care of him.

Teach me Holy Spirit….Teach me true worship, teach me, not just today, but everyday of my life
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Gift called Marriage

Was going to add this to the last post but decided to separate them, i just love this part of TD Jakes, Woman thou art loosed

To the person you marry, you are saying,"when am old and when my time comes to leave this world, and the chilly wind of eternity blows away my birthdays, and my future stands cold and dark in the night, it's your face I want to kiss good-bye. It is your hand I want to squeeze as I slip from time into eternity. As the curtain closes on all I have attempted to do and be, I want to look into your eyes and see that I mattered. Not what I looked like. Not what I did or how much money I made. Not how talented I was. I want to look into the teary eyes of someone who loves me and see- I MATTERED!"

If you are looking for someone to be your everything, don't look around, look up! God is the only One who can be everything. By expecting perfection from the flesh, you ask more out of someone else than you are able to provide yourself. To be married is to have a partner- someone who can look up with you.

Like a suede jacket, the imperfection of your marriage adds to its uniqueness. It is mixing of good days, sad days, and all the challenges of life.

A truly good relationship is a spicy meal served on a shaky table, filled with dreams and pain and tender moments. Moments that, in those split second flashbacks, make you smile secret smiles in the middle of the day. Moments so strong they never die, yet so fragile they vanish like bubbles in a glass.

Cherish the moments...every one of them. Lift the glass and drink deeply of life. If you can look back and catch a few of those moments, or trace a smile back to a memory, you are blessed. You could have been anywhere doing anything, but instead the Maitre d' seated you at a table for two!

Woman thou art loosed
T.D. Jakes
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Sat 13th June

She woke up that morning to the sight of him getting ready to head out to church, he'd started the third phase of "membership classes" and had to be there before 7am, she lazily stretched as he kissed her good-bye, " drive safe ok" she says, as he walks out the door.

Left to her, she'd go straight back to sleep, but then, there's two weeks laundry to be done (thanks to the washman's leg being broken by his, the toilets have to be scrubbed, the house cleaned, there's groceries to be bought, and lots of cooking to be done...phew, its one of those weekends.

So, she gets out of bed, puts on her superwoman cloak and sets out to work...

Skip forward, 11.30, the laundry is done, house is clean, toilets scrubbed, all that's left is groceries and cooking. The doorbell rings

"Hi hon" "how did it go, and how come your just gettin in, thought you guys were done by 9"

"yeah we were, but i was made the assistant president of the class so we had to stay back to sort out some things"

In her head she's thinking....Hmm, you work two services each sunday, go for two vigils every month, your unit serves at special church programmes,and now ur adding this responsibility again, mo' gbe, se pastor ni e abi kini? (I'm dead, are you a pastor or what), but she smiles and goes

" I do hope its not so time consuming, you know we're still working at spending more time together"

but what she really wants to say is

Nigga, what's ur problem, do you need an angel to come from heaven, hit you over the head with a stick and ask you to take it easy on the extra responsibilities ur picking up cos this home right here is like major important

He looks at her and he sure knows the wife he's married

"Baby, i know what you're thinking, but no, it wont affect our time, i've already told them i wont be around next week cos of our planned weekend trip, so i'm on top of this ok"....God sure saved his arse by putting those words in his mouth.

So she goes in to take a shower and as she walks out he holla's

"baby whats for breakfast"

"Did you get some bread on your way back so i could make some scrambled eggs with sausage to go with it"

"no i didnt, what else is at home"

"well, you could have scrambled eggs and sausages alone, with some baked beans"

"Shuoo, i resemble oyibo, baby, i'm hungry o, and you know that wont even..."

"Send Mohammed (the gateman) to buy bread then"

see me see wahala o, after doing your laundry and cleaning your house, you still dey ask me how we go take buy bread? if you like, no arrange that one yourself...mcheww

Monday 15th June

Skip ahead again Monday morning, she's on her way to work, she'd be stayin at her her sis' for the week and he's heading outta town as usual, so no one would be home.

"Baby, pls don't forget to drop of the stew and soup at Mama's place since its on ur way outta town and the power hasn't been steady all weekend, it'll break my heart after all the work i put in it to come back and find that its gone bad"

Skip ahead again 3hours later, he calls her

"Baby, i'm so sorry but i have to give out your stuff o, i cant stop over cos i'm running late and i need to sign some documents in Ib"

SAY WHAT!!!!!!
I slaved, sweated and worked real hard over that and see how this brutha is telling me glibly that he's about to give it whom, for what!!! hmm, he just crossed a line there, he doesnt even appreciate the effort put into giving him good food ehn?

"No problem" she says, "do whatever you want to" her mind she's thinking...but i promise you, i'd get back at you o, hmm, this one wont just go like that.

That night he calls

"Ololufemi, i've been calling since now, why didnt you pick my call, you still dey vex?"

"Me? o, i was taking a shower, how was your trip?"

"Exhausting, but really, hope your not still upset with me"

"At all, but i dont know how we'd do it for the next two weekends o, anyway, next weekend, we're travelling abi? so there's no need i guess its the upper weekend that'll be the problem"

"Problem how, what are you referring to?"

"I wont be cooking again o till first weekend in July, since its easy to give out my food like that, i guess it'll also be easy to do without it"

She can hear him calculating cos he's been looking forward to her special jollof rice and her special edikaikong (this yoruba man is so open to a variety of dishes) which she promised him over the weekend.

"Baby, i thought you said you were, not angry...ok, i promise, i'd go to the market for you, and i'm really sorry, its just the timing, i wanted........

Na him know, anyway, who am i kidding, my mama trained me well, so i know this is just me mouthing, come 27th, i'd be over that cooker, stirring and tasting, .....Phew.....HELP!!! I'M MARRIED....LOL

Anyway, it paid off, he's been calling and checking up more than usual....wink, although this post would spoil all that as soon as he reads it.

I know its a long post, but i needed to blog about something on a lighter note, did a post on my friend that i lost, but i felt it disrespected God so much, so deleted it and decided to post this instead.

Hope you guys have a great week, and thanks so much for the good wishes on the last post, really appreciate it and yes, i'd keep you all updated on the project.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindda random

I'm excited...Finally, i'm wrapping up on phase one of my project and it seems like its going to come out real good.

Working on a musical project with a friend, and we've been on it since like forever, we've gone back and forth, edited and right now, i'm liking what i hear. Its been a crazy one though, cash and time constraints, my friend loosing her mom....but God has seen us through and finally, we're almost there

I've been so grateful to God lately, cos amazingly, even in the midst of crap, He's really been like my own Superman.

"D" and i are like closer than we've ever been, even with the fact that we see only on weekends

We decided to do joint family devotions even while he away, via internet calls, and although we've not gotten the hang of it yet cos he's tired most evenings, the few times (ok one time to be we tried it, it was a wonderful experience

I've got a friend willing to help circulate our single track once its totally tidied up

This month started in an amazing way, we've got opportunities coming our way, we're like almost overwhelmed, it feels great.

Anyways, that aside, its amazing how our ageing parents turn a new leaf when the kids are all gone and its just the two of them left, my dad had us all laughing last week with his attempt at being romantic, sent an sms to my mom and it read

"My wife, this week i speak into your life God's blessings and His presence would surround you in everything you do, doesnt sound romantic yeah? but i tell you, its a major milestone for him o, a major one, infact, its his first sms to her since he got his phone and that several years ago...well, after 35years, i'd give him credit, cant blame him though, with the last of his 6 kids leaving home in a few months, i guess he's finally realised that she's all he's got left.

Finally, i cant wait for "D" to be around more often, like this week, i feel so on fire but i have to wait till the weekend to douse that fire, told him yesterday, and he's trying to come home a bit early this week, today to be precise, i hope it works out well, hmmm, how do married couples living in different continents survive, i really give em kudos.

I've been extremely tired all week, i hope i rest it off this weekend, you all have a great weeeked ahead and congrats to the new father in blogville, Afronuts ,Timi, is just adorable and to all you may kids. Happy Birthday in advance

Friday, May 22, 2009

This Place I'm at.....

....Is filled with moments of "here and there", "sweet and sour", "hot and cold",i guess we all find ourselves in this place sometimes, but somehow, in this place, i find that i'm mostly silent, and in my silence, i find the grace to come through...i always come through....hmmm, to be held by grace, its such a beautiful thing, i lie in my bed and sometimes, i sing, sometimes, i just reflect..i shamelessly let go, the anger, the tears, the overflow of whatever feeling wells up inside of me and then i feel like i'm held and soothed, comforted and assured.

Its in the feeling of quiet that surrounds my heart, its in the timely phone call, its in the scripture that comes to mind...Its simply His unwavering love for me

Anyways, my thoughts are a bit jumbled...i wrote this sometime today, i needed to speak to fears, doubts, frustration and i did, in my own way

There you are, once again,
Strutting in with your swagger so vain
Once again hoping to cause me some pain
But hear this; your plans will bring no gain

I feel the tear drops course down my face
Within the silent retreat of this place
Locked within Grace’s firm embrace
I turn to stare you in the face

I feel the sting, right where you struck
My heavy heart, she joins in your mock.
The clock comforts with its tick tock
Few minutes left for the crowing cock.

I rise so tall, I rise real sure
With charm and poise, I’m so assured
Don’t hear your bragging chants no more
Your subtle now, not like before

So yes, sometimes with you I struggle
My weary feet, sometimes may stumble
But when they fail, that’s when I fly
To heights unknown, I glide on high

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Essential vegetables for growth

This was supposed to go up with the "Holy vegetable" cartoon strip, but for some strange didnt appear after i clicked on "publish post".

I stumbled on the strip and just found it funny and childishly meaningful,infact, my nephew runs round the house screaming "have you eaten your holy vegetables today mummy" and strangely, she says, it keeps her in check as she does a mental review of her actions through the day.

Anyways, this here was inspired by my pastor, kindda like adding a personal touch to something we fall into the habit of tagging "spiritual attributes" most times.

So, here's my own version of the fruits of the spirit (holy vegetables, essential for in relation to our everyday life...enjoy

Gal 5: 22 - 23 (JT)*

What happens when we live Gods way? In the same way fruits appear on
an orchard, He brings into our lives such things as:

Our motive for the things we do and the choices we make being love
and genuine affection for others

An upbeat and positive attitude as a sad face chases money
away...believe me it does

Calmness in the midst of trouble and a worry free attitude...after
the worry, what next?

Persistence and staying power cos it aint always smooth sailing but
He shows us to stick it through as long as its the right path

The ability to focus on others and be a problem solver....enough of
me-me, don't let yourself get worn out by "you"

A generous and giving heart

The ability to be reliable and a person of
integrity....opportunities would come knocking if you're reliable
and stable


The proper attitude of treating people cordially and exhibiting
exceptional customer service, even when you don't feel like they
deserve it

The ability to break free from laziness and do what has to be done
as at when, to be self motivated.

So people, lets make up our minds to eat daily doses of our holy vegetables and build our selves wherever we fall short, as they say, life makes way for those who make up their minds.

Have a great week/weekend ahead y'all, and hopefully, more gist coming soon on the singing / stage pet project i spoke about in my "Here Goes" post.

* JT - Jhazmyn's Translation

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Own Version(cont)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here goes....

Hmm, ok, seems like a simple task but for some reasons, i've been postponing it..anyway here goes

8 things Meme (Tagged by Bibi and Buttercup)

8 Things I look forward to

1. Being a mom
2. Completing the project i'm working on..and it being a blast
3. My sis wedding
4. Driving my own 4WD
5. My getaway for the year with my baby
6. Moving house
7. Moving to Abuja...Lasgidi get enuf stress
8. Being on stage..doing ma thing

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Prayed
2. Worried over my baby...he was on a trip and i didnt hear from him for quite a while
3. Called up a lot of friends i hadn't spoken with in a while
4. Took work home....arrgghhhh
5. Helped with my nephew...he's quite a handful
6. Studied the bible
7. Read another chapter from "The tipping point"
8. Rattled my mom's chain, just for the fun of it

8 Things I wish to do (and i'd work towards achieving)

1. Establish a foundation
2. Bungee jump
3. Learn to swim...can u imagine that i cant?
4. Build up my contact and clientell base and head out on my own
5. Go on a hair cut...Still trying to convince "him" its a cool idea
6. Maintaing my figure (or at least loose most of what was added) after child birth

8 shows I watch

1. Running In Heels
2. American Idols
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Split ends
5. Project Runway
6. Comedy Club
7. Desperate Housewives
8. Girlfriends

8 Bloggers tagged

1. Miss FlyHigh
2. Phoenix
3. UnderCover07
4. repressed one
5. Mz. Eniola
6. Omo Oba
7. My World
8. Enkay
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Friday, April 24, 2009


I was going to put this up yesterday, but i decided to wait for today...its in celebration of the start of another year for me, i want to be the first to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHAZMYN The words..."I AM ENOUGH", have been ringing constantly in my ears and its been a great feeling, that feeling of empowerment, that feeling of being unstoppable, that feeling that makes one believe they can do whatever it is they set their heart on to do.

I'm not qualified because i'm cute, classy, priviledged, connected or even book-smart, i'm not qualified cos right now i look the part of success, i'm not qualified cos i look all put together and complete (not that these on their own are not important), i'm not qualified, fit or sufficient in myself to count anything as coming from me, but my power, ability and sufficiency are from God (2 Corinth 3:5).

Ahhh, the empowerment in that, realising that He gives me what it takes to do all that i do.
And so i was at calabar, representing my boss at a presentation and the CEO of the company there walked in, looking all daunting and untouchable, and at first i'm freaked out, but then...He's my qualifier right, its not about me but Him. I look round, i'm the youngest in the room, the one will the least number of years in terms of qualification, the least corporate looking, in my jeans, fitted shirt and cute loafers (dont judge, i'm an architect so its allowed to be in jeans constantly, moreover, what'll i do without my jeans? lol). So i tell myself, just do the damn presentation and get moving, it'll be a walkover....and a walkover it was, it went great
Two hours later, the presentation is done, i'm about to set out for the airport cos I need to be back in Lagos today, the CEO walks up to me
"So jhazmyn, it was nice meeting you, Mrs. A (My boss) never told me she had a dynamite working with her, we wont have gone with the higher end proposal, but I must confess, you erased every doubt while you made that presentation, I'd be in touch, I'm sure we'd be doing a whole lot more with you guys"

I got to the office and Mrs A says

"Wow jhazmyn, what the hell did you do in calabar, he has insisted you and you alone handle the project, i'm proud of you cos he's a tough one to impress "

Humbled, that's what I was, cos truth be told, all I did was repeat those words to myself before i began...He is my qualifier, He is my qualifier, He is my qualifier... and the rest of the day just passed by like a mirage.

These days, I walk tall, I walk strong, not because of anything i have done on my own, but because, when I look into the mirror(2corinth 3:18), the reflection i see makes me realise that because of who I am, created by the one who holds the world in His hands, i dont have to try to be, i just have to be, because, on my own, according to His creation of me.....I AM ENOUGH, and so are you

2 Corinth 3:18 - And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On a high

I'm on a high these days, i guess its cos I've finally gotten off my behind and begun to do the things i ought to (ok, save for the fact that i wont be going to the office tomorrow cos of my sis' introduction, and though i feel really guilty, I'm still not going).

I'm so on a high that i wake up each morning and i'm cackling with excitment, new ideas, calls to make, appointments to set, discussions to have with the boss man..

I'm so on a high these days cos i've found a way outta that state of limbo and have begun to set into motion those visions that keep me awake with fear, uncertainty and wonderings of how i'd fit them into my already busy schedule.

I'm so on a high these days, as i learn the things i need to do, discover the things and attitudes i need to drop (and actually make a move to drop them), and understand more and more the dynamism that's packed up inside of me.

I'm so on a high these days.....And its all because i know that i will and i can live those dreams...heck, the journey has already begun.

PS: I really wish this guilt would pass...its almost dampening my high
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memories...Days of being a brat

I’ve spent the greater part of today thinking over my life and how I’ve evolved. Being the last born I was so used to living my life for me so much so that even a baby was seen as a burden.

I can’t remember the date but the month was November and the year 2000, spoilt last born that I was, I had spent the better part of the day sulking and cussing my fate…

Afterall, I wasn’t there when her mum and day were playing “needle in the hay stack” so why should I be the one to play the part of baby sitter while the owners are out in town sorting out their “issues”

Everyone else was about their own business and I was stuck wit my lil niece of 7months.

The closest thing I’d baby-sat before then was my doll and even that was a good 11years ago.

Well, after getting over the “bad hand” fate had dealt me, I set about to do the job,

I cuddled her, put some more powder on her to make her smell lovely and fresh, sat on the floor and let her lean on my tummy as I set out to brush her hair (if I could call it that)

Three brush strokes later, the little thing let out a shrill cry that would make even the devil jump outta his skin,

Ok, ehmmm, this shouldn’t be so hard,
Where did I keep that bottle of food.... I get the bottle and just as the nipple gets into her mouth, she spits out a mouthful of milk into my face, I try two more times….same result, so that cancels out hunger right?

What else can I do? I stand up, put her against my chest and rock her gently as I sing to her (I’ve got a great voice so that should calm her)…na lie…she only increases her pitch in a bid to out “sing” me

Mum did say she loves being carried on the back, so I get a piece of cloth and the next thing I feel are her “devlish claws” digging into my skin, jeez, I never knew those things could cause so much pain

In the course of an hour, I tried rattles, teddy bears, teething rings, water….I tried everything I could think of but this child was determined to make me go mad.

So it wasn’t a surprise when I totally gave up sat on the floor in from of her and burst into tears asking the child in my most controlled frustrated voice
“I’ve fed you, rocked you, tried to play with you, carried you outside, what again do you want me to do ehnn, I’m tired, please cant you just stop crying”

…and that was the scene my poor mom walked into, shaking her head as she snatched the poor thing from where I’d left her and started cooing, few seconds later, that conniving mass of adorable fat stopped crying and I could almost swear I saw a glint of triumph in her eyes as my mom carried her in.

Nine years after, seven nieces and nephews, a home of my own later…I have totally grown (I get choice?)…lol

Monday, April 6, 2009

70 x 7

The story of a "christian couple"

Mr and Mrs A got married and 6months into their marriage both of the became christians, the type of christians that live their lives strictly by the bible.

Mrs A is a rather "truthful" woman, the type who believes in speaking the truth in all things and at all times, like reminding Mr A that she earns more than he does, she being a banker and him a teacher so as to "encourage" him to get a better job rather than remain as a teacher (which he always told her was what he wanted to remain all the days of their lives right from the start), and reminding him that the car was bought by her money so he needs permission to use it, and reminding him that she pays for the kids school fees so she decides how they should be trained.

In return, Mr.A , a rather quiet fellow believs in moving to the attic when Mrs. A begins to "speak the truth" after all the bible says "better to live in the roof top than dwell in the same house with a contentious woman.

In their 6th year of marriage, Mr. A calls Mrs A and tell her he wants a divorce

Mrs A: Husband of my youth, after i have slaved all these years to be a proverbs 31 woman, industrous in all my ways, is this how you choose to treat me?

Mr A: I only obey the word of God which says "Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire"

Mrs A: HAAA but the same word says "Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother", you never did that.

Mr A: But i did the the second year of our marriage, when i raised it up in our family devotion, and two years ago when we were praying at the christmas re-union and i raised it as a prayer request, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established, then i took it to the church when i slipped it into the request basket during prayer meeting last year, but you still have not changed

Mrs A: But Jesus asked to forgive when He told Peter "I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven shall thou forgive thy brother."

Mr A: (Smiling triumphantly and reaching for a book with a lot of tally's scribbled on it) AHA!!!! my dear wife, count it...yesterday night was the 491th time you've offended me so i have God's permission not to forgive you.

And with that, the case was closed

....Having a slow day at work today and i remembered the pastor reading Matt 18:21 and just began to wonder, what if there's somone that actually keeps count of offences? hence this post (can there really be someone that does that?) lol
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Hey D,

I guess you're somewhere along the highway now, your car covered in dust as you bounce through those rough terrains you've become used to with time. One hand on the steering and the other wrapped round a can of soda (do you agree with me now when i say you've become addicted?)

Sunday was great you know, the worship, the sermon, and you all decked up and looking fab in your dark suit as you served for the first time with the church protocol, you were so excited to finally be serving weren't you (so sorry i was so lazy to wake up to make the first service with you though).

You know, sitting here at my PC, i still feel the same way i felt yesterday. There's this silly smile splashed across my face, i feel like i'm floating on some cloud, my heart feels like its bursting, i'm singing, there's a bounce in my step, everyone's asking what's up with me cos i seem so different.

Singing "E ba mi gbe oruko re" (Help me lift His name up), that was when it hit me, the realisation that i live a blessed life, the realization of an amazing love story between the greatest man anyone could ever imagine and me, the realization of how hung up on me He is, so much so that He's given me His everything....praise took on a whole new dimension cos it was like getting a new understanding of what it meant to be called His own.

Then the preacher started the sermon...there i am, still wrapped up in gratitude, still overwhelmed by His love, still stunned into deep silence by new understanding.

"We'd be discussing Character and marriage", the preacher said....i didn't know what i had coming.

It wasnt until i felt the tears fall that i realised....oops, i was crying...yep, crying and laughing too, for all the time wasted in not being thankful for being me, not only to be cherished by the Godhead but also adored by the one that He calls his own, you.

The beauty of being me, totally favored, eternally blessed, kept withing the unshakable bossom, unmoved by the winds, unshaken by the storms and unperturbed by the "norms" of humanity, lovingly cooconed within that place I renew my springs that never dry up, gently loved into greatness and strength.

Of all the things i am thankful for, today i celebrate the greatest gift ever, the gift of the life which i live in Christ, and also, i celebrate the tender gift of pure love, your love.

I love you D, and like i always say, it couldnt have been anyone else.



PS: D has been going on and on about how boring my previous layout was and on sat he changed it...said he thinks this one suits my "nature", hope y'all like it better

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